selected interviews



“... if something is interesting.
Then it usually has something nice too,
but I can’t say it exactly.”

“... that is complex. Tat depends on the moment.
Tese are the moments, blinks of an eye.”

“... actually naturalness. And like that.
You know, when you see pores on the skin and go very close to the skin
then you can see that.That is very beautiful.”

“... has a lot to do with self-confdence and charisma for me.
...if you feel good or like yourself,
you radiate a very special beauty.
Tere are people when they enter the room,
they shine like that and I fnd that very impressive.”

“... has nothing to do with having beautiful,
clear skin and beautiful full lips and big eyes.
I still fnd a lot of people who don’t have those incredibly beautiful,
in the way they laugh, how they move, how they talk.”

“...I do not know. Tat would have something to do with proportions,
that are right or not right in our eyes. Or a proportion that is interesting.
It also borders on attractiveness, but attractiveness is also something else. 
Somehow this is a term that recognizes something abstract and not concrete.

“... it used to have a diferent meaning.
Let me put it this way: looking sexy has always been worth more to me than having sex.
I don’t think having sex is that important,
but somehow what is important is to feel good on your own skin.
That makes a big diference.

“To be real, to be honest, to be real.
I am not someone who defnes beauty based on appearance.
I also notice quite ofen that I defne beauty based on personality.

“Beauty, good question ... Well, you see it, actually.”

“...comes from the inside.
So I think the external beauty is there,
it is not possible to define it.
I think that comes from the human aspect of the image.”

“...not something you can fix on the appearance,
but rather something that comes from the inside.
So the radiation and the personality.”

“ not only the appearance,
but also this appearance that is presented in this way.”

“I think that the beauty emerges usually through naturalness.
People are, for example, most beautiful in photos where they are just being themselves.
The same actually applies to nature.”

“..Difficult, I don’t know.”

“The term beauty is so difficult to put into words.
Beauty can come from inside as well as from outside.”

“I cannot define beauty. ...
I like some things and some I don’t like.
I cannot say what is beautiful and what is not beautiful.”

“ in the eye of the beholder ... for me it is when a person shines from inside
and when he can bring what he has inside to the outside.
I think you don’t have to look aesthetically pleasing or look “mainstream-pretty”.
But if you can use what nature has given you, everyone can be beautiful.”

“ be comfortable with yourself.”