The plates


About imperfect and vanishing things :

there are some moments, while I am working on projects, when I don’t know when I should “finish” the work; it’s hard to predict the end. Therefore, I planned an imperfect job that couldn’t be completed at all. The premise of the work: I engrave on the prayer plate the names of all the people I have eaten with in the course of my life.
Remembering is an incomplete, uncertain, and fragile process. As a contrast, I used concrete, a
durable material, because I wanted to physically archive the fleeting moments we shared. If someone found their name in my work, they could remember the moment we had a meal together. Of course, I can’t remember all of the names, and therefore the work of art is a “work
in progress” and should potentially be continued for life. It forever remains incomplete.

The plates cement in variable installation, since 2017
„Losing Touch?“ Installation shot in Mönchehaus Museum Goslar, 2019

On each of Min Kim’s concrete plates, the name of a person with whom the artist has eaten before is stamped. Her work captures this past section of time and the immediacy of togetherness; it is physically archived. The experience and memory captured from the flow of time “of that which nourishes us.” is solidified in physical concrete.

- Miriam Laage

The plates cement in variable installation, since 2017
“kon:.takt”, Installationsansicht in make-up, Berlin, 2021