Study_02 about an abstract action for beauty 
Golden Ratio


“... I do not know. That would have something to do with proportions, that are right or not right in our eyes. Or a proportion that is interesting. It also borders on attractiveness, but attractiveness is also something else. Somehow this is a term that recognizes something abstract and not concrete.” - a response from one of the project paticipants.

A study about an abstract action for beauty / For A Perfect Circle: a journey from a triangle to a circle
Rubber band, metal frame and spiral spring of trampoline, 2019

A study of proportion from “an abstract action for beauty” / Golden Ratio
The size of the golden paper was cut 1: 1.1618, but the distance can be changed. (Gold foil, trampoline legs)

The Great Golden Ratio collected images on the golden ratio, digital print, 2020